Origin Documents

Origin documents non-preferential origin (CO)

A Certificate of Origin (CO) is a document that indicates the origin of a product. A CO thus proves in which country a product is made. The Chamber of Commerce (KvK) issues these certificates of origin.

Why do you need a Certificate of Origin (CO)?

Some countries outside the EU require a CO for commercial policy measures, such as: boycotts, import restrictions and import quotas. Also, in some countries with a CO less or even no import duties have to be paid. There the MFN import tariff applies (Most Favored Nation tariff). Without a CO, you can run into difficulties when you want to import products in a certain country. Usually no CO is required within the EU.

Origin documents preferential origin (EUR.1)

Did you know that the EU has concluded trade agreements with a number of countries and groups of countries? As a result, a discount or exemption on import duties may be granted in case of reciprocal importation of goods. A condition is that the goods are of ‘preferential origin’ according to the rules in the origin protocol.

When do you use a EUR.1 certificate?

A EUR.1 certificate is only used for goods with a ‘preferential origin’ status. In order to receive a discount or exemption on import duties, your supplier would likely need an EUR.1 certificate with the shipment.

What can we do for you?

We can digitally request the CO or EUR.1 certificate from the Chamber of Commerce (KvK). For this we need some information, such as:

  • An authorization for the Chamber of Commerce
  • A supplier’s declaration of preferential or non-preferential origin, depending on what origin document you need
  • A commercial invoice

Need any help?

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