NVWA Inspections

Import inspection NVWA

When importing live animals, animal products and some products of the plant kingdom, the cargo must be reported to the NVWA.

Common Document of Entry (CED)

For so-called CED products, a Common Document of Entry (CED) is required for import. This request is done electronically, and a selection profile applies to this. There are products that the NVWA first wants to take a sample before they are released for import into the EU. This sampling is done at an approved inspection site.

What can we do for you?

Phimex can help you with the import of CED products.

  • We can submit a CED application to the NVWA prior to the import declaration.
  • In the case of a desired sampling, we arrange transport to the approved inspection site and ensure that the right people are present in the right place.
  • We monitor the entire process until the CED is actually issued.

Need any help?

Can we help you or do you still have specific questions about the import of CED products? Please contact us!


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